About Greg


I've always been told that I think differently.

I would take it as "constructive feedback" - I'd work to think more like others and keep my "big ideas" and "pervasive curiosity" to myself.

But then it hit me: this "thinking thing" is more constructive than it was feedback. In fact, it's a gift. 

Since then I've learned that thinkers can change attitudes, but Unconventional Creatives will change the world.

I look forward to telling you more. 

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An Unsuspecting Creative

Greg isn't an artist, creative director or actor. He doesn't work for an agency - he actually comes from pharma. By all standards Greg doesn't "look" creative - but that's exactly the point.  He's an Unconventional Creative, just like so many of us.

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Award Winning Global Marketer

Greg has reinvented some of the world's biggest brands at the world's largest companies. He's also been an early-stage employee of a marketing start-up that went global. He's a respected and a proven innovator having put into practice his Unconventional Creative framework.

In 2016, Marketing Magazine named him Top 30 Under 30.


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A Passionate Storyteller

Greg has spoken all across North America, engaging audiences on the topic of creativity, marketing and business. Greg has spoken to audiences as small at 30, and as large as 1500.

He's shared the stage with some of the world's most creative and successful people including Gary Vaynerchuk and Casey Neistat.